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Documentation V8


*Hi OpenERP SA*

I'd like to draw your attention on readthedocs.org for a possibility of a
very clean and fully git-integrated "tool" for documentation.

If you haven't already evaluated, I would kindly recommend to have a quick
look at it for V8 docs.

I like about readthedocs.org that it is very clean, it encurages updating
on git, has cool language and version features.
But the main thing is, i think there can't be anything more intuitive and
optimized for displaying documentation.

Always worring a bit about usability & elegance,

*Thank you & best*

David Arnold

*David Arnold B.A. HSG*

+57 315 304 1368

​El Alemán S.A.S, Carrera 13 # 93 - 40 P4, Bogotá D.C, Colombia

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