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advanced logical domain oeration



*This might be somewhat too advanced for the odoo help. So I hope to find
some cracks here...*

 We have noticed that the domain operator "in" the (left, operand, rigth)
leaf is defined as "[image: \supset]".
Which at least in german translates to "containes" (the complement of "in")
This is somehow syntactically (plain english) awkward. Maybe there is a
good reason for it...

However, there is no operator for a true "in" or "[image: \subset]
" available.

Note that,

[image: A \subseteq B \Rightarrow A^{\rm c} \supseteq B^{\rm c}] (so
obivous, that "not in" is not the right solution)

Maybe a way could be to apply this transformation:

[image: A \subseteq B \Leftrightarrow A \cap B = A]

where A would be the field_value (which is passed at runtime of rule
application only and therefore unchangable beforehand), but we probably can
make an operation such as the intersection of A & B ... F*** this doesn't
work either, as the A's are a hell lot of table records, which in turn are
not available at the time of construction of the rule)

*Any ideas? Am I missing something... This is very sad news, as everything
else on the famos tax application seems to work :((((*

*Thank you!*

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