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Re: GitHub Projects: rename "master" to "8.0"?


I use a more or less typical git workflow:

branch: develop - fairly buildable development branch where all
development starts. This includes feature changes and updates to latest
version of Odoo.

branch: master - production ready code for latest production version of
Odoo. The develop branch is periodically merged in here as it stabilizes
and new features/updates become ready for production.

branch: 7.0 - branched from master. The master branch is periodically
merged in as long as it is on the same Odoo production version. When
master is updated for 8.0 no more merges from master. Bug fixes and
other updates continue as usual except that they are merged directly
from feature/bugfix branches, as the case may be.

branch: 8.0 - same life cycle as 7.0, except that 8.0 specific changes
are merged to master only *after* Odoo 8.0 is released, and *then* 8.0
is branched from master.

I find that this workflow helps me keep my sanity when working with
multiple versions of *almost* identical code. All updates, feature
changes and bug fixes are funneled through master so as long as I
haven't branched the next version of Odoo I can keep merging from master
and feel confident that I haven't missed anything and that (probably)
nothing will break. The only time I need to think about something is
when Odoo transitions to the next release. For a while I will have to
juggle updates to two production releases, but after a while this no
longer applies as I start to focus more and more on the "current"
production release.


On 07/02/2014 03:27 PM, Daniel Reis wrote:
> Would it be a good idea to rename the "master " branch to "8.0" on the
> GitHub projects?
> This would match the best practice on Launchpad, where you should series
> names after each OpenERP version (6.1, 7.0, ...).
> Even if you has a "trunk" branch, it should be under the "7.0" series
> and you should `bzr branch lp:project/7.0`.
> The problem with not doing so is that you're never sure on what
> OpenERP/Odoo version is targeted by the "trunk" (or "master"). It's
> supposed to be the focus of development, but you can't be sure if it
> targets the latest version or the previous one.
> Thoughts?
> Regards
> Daniel Reis
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