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Branch naming guidance for OCA inclusion, "7.9" ?


Hello folks,

Here is the thing, we are considering putting the core of the Brazilian
localization under the OCA foundation. No rush, but we want to start the
process and we don't want to slow down other more urgent OCA activities,
that is v8 migration and Github migration of current OCA branches.

We have been using Github, Travis, git flow for a year now (and it helped a
lot), so we are aligned on most of the tooling already.

Now we have a question about branch naming convention and some other
projects may have it too:

We have 5.0, 6.0, 6.1 and 7.0 branches already.
And we will have a 8.0 branch soon.

Now the question is:

we anticipated the 8.0 API change some 10 months ago already (we eventually
expected 8.0 sooner), so in the 'develop' branch we started some heavy non
backward compatible changes because we wanted to concentrate them at the
new major version while keeping the 7.0 branch API stable and while we
couldn't work on 8.0 yet economically speaking.

Still, that 'develop' branch is in fact still working with the 7.0 Odoo
branches, not 8.0 yet. The API changes we did were internal to our
localization so far and didn't target yet the API changes of Odoo v8.

So now we will split that 'develop' branch into 2 branches:

   - a 'develop' for 7.0
   - and a 'develop' for 8.0 (we won't become stable overnight).

That develop for 8.0 will soon be merged into a 8.0 when we will have
stabilized the migration to Odoo v8 and when we will made the next
important changes in the localization.

So we have we will have these 4 branches here:

   - 7.0 stable
   - develop for 7.0
   - develop for 8.0
   - 8.0

According to the git flow convention, "develop for 8.0"  will be simply
called "develop" as it's where we develop the next stable version.

Now how to call that "develop for 7.0" branch? It's not the develop" of git
flow, it's not 7.0 either.

It's a kind of "7.9" branch you see what I mean? The last 7 branch before

Can we have a convention for naming that last development serie branch when
it's stabilize before develop is eventually extracted from it?

That 7.9 is typically a branch where we and some other early adopter have a
few v7 customers before we migrate to 8 some day. It's also a branch that
people stuck in 7.0 unable to migrate on 8.0 any soon could use if they are
starting to implement the localization now.

Thank you for you suggestions.

Raphaël Valyi
Founder and consultant
http://twitter.com/rvalyi <http://twitter.com/#!/rvalyi>
+55 21 3942-2434

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