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Re: Draft Proposal for a new field type for OpenERP/Odoo


/Il 14/07/2014 13:31, Alaney Kilson Dória ha scritto://
// //
/Yes that's it.//
//This field is stored by orm in xml schema the user doesn't have any control the way the data is store. This field is just added to the structure to allow the user put their own field. The user field are restricted, and this is the thing I want different opinions regarding what and how would be. For example, should we define a data as "integer", "float", "currency", or just "number". Because user might not know what is the difference.//
//what we should try to see, is what/
May be intersting but we need to limit this feature in order to avoid end user mismatch. I think may be dangerous use no text data type, expecially python code like eval tag of xml file; I think we do limit node nesting level and, yes, I agree data cannot be related field. Perhaps we could use only text type.
Did you think how these data can be used in report?


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