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Re: community list topics


Hello Aristobulo,
I completely agree, and again want to advocate an even more advanced
threaded forum solution, where you can have email abonnements. I mean there
are good reasons why github issues are designed the way they are, and there
are good reasons why github is very successful in the marketplace.

But still many people love the tools they are used to. It's understandable
and in some ways also efficient inertia. Anyhow, i think it is time for a
change in the way community communicates. I'm completele inline with you on

- shift to https://www.odoo.com/page/odoo-community on the longer run
(maybe reduce usage in favor of better tools)
- http://www.discourse.org/ (one better tool)
- an improved odoo forum module (as proposed by some OCA protagonists)

​my 2 cents: tools matters​