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We have been working on the medical vertical for some time now, and will be
loading soon a proposal to github that adds several features like:

   - SMS/email templates for appointment creation/modification/cancellation
   - Multi medical center, allowing a physician to work in more than one
   center and controlling the agendas consolidated per physician and per
   medical center.
   - Weekly agenda template, so physicians and assistants only need to
   select an empy slot and fill some fields...
   - Multi level access:  physician, assistants, call center operators...
   - Updated Invoicing

And after that...

   - Rename from oemedical to OdooMed
   - QR barcodes
   - Updated to new 8.0 features (qweb reports, new API, ...)

In the mean time, what do you think of this logo...

If you like it for the OCA page / project, let me know and I will provide
the .svg file...


PNG image

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