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Re: Project Management


Le 23/09/2014 00:44, pankaj dev a écrit :
- How can i create Parent and Sub Task , i see there are project
stages are those considered as Parent task.
No, stages are the successive steps all the tasks in a project go through.
Maybe you can do that using delegation, not sure.
- If i enter the start and end date is not suppose to calculate the
number of hours for that task, but in my case its not happening there
is a column state initial estimated hours , what should i configure so
that if i only mentioned the start and end date it should know the
number of hours based on calender days.
I'm afraid there's no such feature in the standard Odoo modules.
- is there is a way to export the task in excel / csv format please
suggest, there is an import option which its showing but no export
Switch to the list view, select the tasks, then in the menu "More" select "Export".
Copy/paste should work too.
(...) what are the limitation in the community edition
No limitation, the paying options only buy you a warranty.
is there additional plugin which can help , please suggest.
Check out the Odoo Community Association's projects regarding project management here: http://odoo-community.org/project/28