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Odoo - Race condition that eats up the whole CPU power



I have a customer that was creating a couple new lines of products, so they
created one product from each line and started "duplicating" them to create
the others.

Suddently, they started to experience severe slow downs on the whole
operations, and the person in charge of creating the products began to
receive "Exception: CPU time limit exceeded." errors while duplicating, but
sometimes it worked fine and others it reached the exception...

After close inspection, we found out that this happened when the "base"
product to duplicate was in turn a duplicated from another one, that in
turn came from another one...

With some more inspection, we found that this only happens if there is
another language installed besides english, as the race condition is
related to ir_translation, and only when the base product has been cloned
around 8 to 10 times....

You can reproduce this by simply going into runbot, check that there is a
second language (or just install another), and start to "duplicate" and

On the 8th to 10th interaction, you will reach the limits and will receive
the exception...

I already opened an issue on GitHub, but wanted to check with you if anyone
else had experienced this...