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Re: Updates to Travis and maintainer-quality-tools


I don't talk about of just a .md file
I'm talking about of a .md file into same project.
If you want add a change to wiki you will need wait that you pr of IMP was
merged to start to change wiki.
If you want change wiki doc you will need use other git project:

If you want review doc before of push (in a PR maybe) you view this one
after of changed.

IMHO a change of documentation should be into oca changes flow.
 - Make PR
 - Feedback
 - +1*3
 - Merged

This is posible using the same original project.

Plus: If tomorrow changes to other git tool you have this documentation
without additional script.

2014-11-13 11:53 GMT-06:00 Sandy Carter <sandy.carter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> > IMHO I like more use a .md file into same project. (not wiki)
> Wiki is in .md file format.
> It is better for this highlevel explanation to be in the wiki, IMHO
> > You can add a new feature in PR and add new doc in same PR.
> >
> > md file is more portable.
> > *For your fork
> > *For you use in other git tool. Example: bitbucket, gitlab
> > (In same project)
> The wiki is a github repo that you can clone with
> https://github.com/OCA/maintainer-quality-tools.wiki.git
> Contents are:
> Home.md

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