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Re: [Openerp-expert-accounting] tree view: colors scheme


On 13/05/10 22:21, Ferdinand Gassauer wrote:
> in V6 -  find . -follow -name "*xml" |xargs grep "colors="
> shows a not uniform usage of color codes
> I suggest
> blue: draft
> grey: cancel(led)
> darkgreen : done - for special purpose like crm
> red: alarm - condition - overdue, negative stock ....
> black: all others
> I strongly suggest to use a distinct color for cancel - 
> which should NOT be used for other state like done 
> This codification (if agreed) should go into developer book   

One of our R&D teams is currently doing a global usability review on
6.0. They confirm that they have defined a very similar guideline for
unifying the color codes in OpenERP.

When completed, this set of guidelines will be published in the
usability section of our guidelines here:


Olivier Dony

PS: redirected to usability list