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Re: Guide lines


The guide looks great, good job! :D

Now, I think you should take a look at the "unified layout of forms" discussions that took place on April on the Accounting Experts mailing list, and maybe add some of the ideas discussed there to the guide:

   * Similar documents should have similar interface:

     If document A has a field F, and document B has also an F field,
     that field should be on the same place on the form (being inside
     the a notebook page with the same title on both, being at the
     top/right/left/bottom on both, having the same colspan, using the
     same name/translation...) unless there is a good reason not to do so.

     This makes the interface easier to learn: Once you master the
     sales form, you should be like a fish in the water with the
     purchases form (on the 5.0 this is not true).

   * Long names / address fields should have colspan 4, or be at least
     longer than normal fields, so the user can read the full
     address/name easily on small screens.

   * Functionality should be consistent between similar documents:

     For example sale orders have "payment terms" (so the user can
     preset the payment terms that should be used when invoicing);
     purchase orders do not/*/, why?: To me this is not only a
     functionality problem but also an usability problem: The user
     would expect to be able to preset the payment terms on the
     purchases just as he does on the sales, he will be disappointed
     when he notices that there is not such option.
     /(* we just added a "purchase_payment" module to the extra-addons
     that adds payment info to purchase orders; but I think that the
     sale&purchase modules should be consistent in basic functionality)./

Aline Preillon wrote:

I have published one guide line on my blog (http://useability-openerp.blogspot.com/2010/07/guide-lines.html). In next weeks, I will publish many guide lines.

The current goal of the usability team is simplify the use of the software. Therefore, we are interested in your ideas regarding this goal.


Aline Preillon

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