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Re: Guide lines


On Thursday 15 July 2010, Borja López Soilán (Pexego) wrote:
> Raphaël Valyi escribió:
> > On the contrary, my proposal which I believe is very simple to
> > implement is that:
> > embedded DHTML iframes in the web client degrade seamlessly into
> > external URL links to the widget in the GTK client.
> > For instance: in the web client you see the Google map of your partner
> > location right into the partner form, while in the
> > GTK client you can click and visit a page where the Google map is
> > displayed.
> BTW, the Koo client <https://launchpad.net/openobject-client-kde> has
> had that feature since long (on 5.0): it is able to embed web pages,
> using a QWebView from the QT library, on the form.
> It also stores cookies on a per-user basis, so you can log in in
> external web applications (here is a screen capture of an external CRM
> integrated on the partner form of OpenERP
> <http://albert-nan.blogspot.com/2009/08/enhanced-web-integration.html>)
> And there is even one "maps" module with what you asked for: A google
> map showing the address you type on the (partner address) form! :)
> My 2 cents: I think that GTK client developers should take a look to
> Koo... things like dynamic lists (no need of pagination!) would really
> improve the usability of the GTK client.
> Regards!

Koo ++

In all cases, usability ideas from any of the 3 clients should be discussed 
for the other two.