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Re: [Openerp-community-leaders] Framework features for v6.0


Am Freitag 16 Juli 2010, 09:35:29 schrieb P. Christeas:
> Hi all.
> [ Glossary: "we" = all experts and community, if the following opinions
> really express others but the writer ]
> I have been reading the latest threads about all the features we would wish
> to see in v6.0 . During the past months, many of them have been discussed
> extensively, some people like it and some not.
> The community has had a large number of wonderful ideas about improving the
> framework, the modules and other points. I was one of them, with some ideas
> hitting the trunk (and making you suffer), some others rejected.
> May I remind everybody about our goal, which is to release v6.0 ASAP!
> You see, we are left with v5.0 in production state, which has so plenty of
> little issues or missing features. It is more than a year that we have not
> had a "stable" feature release (slipping features into 5.0 is a sad
> fact).. So, we do need a v6.0 release, we want a hot new product to
> market.
> This means that any change we make now, will have to consider
> implementation time and any implications that would set other parts of the
> application back (like breaking the API in a non-backward compatible way).
> Also, consider that some features will need enough of our resources in
> discussions,
> implementation, testing etc. Please be very strict about that.
> /On the other hand/ this doesn't mean that we are going conservative and
> turning down any good idea. There is always room and intent of improvement.
> If not in v6.0, in v6.+
> My suggestion:
> 1) Respect the release schedule (yes, the one that we're running late) of
> v6.0
Yes to: we are "running late"
BUT (1): or do I miss something?
* no written release schedule
* no written feature plan
BUT (2):
* many forms are unusable in respect to usability / ergonomic - trunk r 4171
** most name fields are to short (1366*768 pixel) 
** missing unified layout 
* nothing is tested
* nothing is translated 
** https://translations.launchpad.net/openobject-addons/trunk shows only 

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