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unified column header alignment


OpenERP needs a guideline for column header alignment


A) all column headers are left aligned 
(Gnome / KDE desktops)

B) all column header centered

C) column headers follow column content alignment
* text - left
* numbers - right
* bool - centered

all 3 options are readable as long the columns are separated by vertical lines 
which is the case for displays
nevertheless I dislike it very much if the rightmost column on displays is a 
wide number column with column header left and numbers right adjusted which 
usually happens if a list view has only a view columns.
IMHO for reports variant C must be used for better readability unless vertical 
lines are printed as column separators.
Obviously column headers must be repeated on each page.

opinions / decisions ?
Best Regards

ChriCar Beteiligungs- und Beratungs- GmbH
Dr. Ferdinand Gassauer
Official Tiny Partner