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Re: [trunk] sorted lists


On 06/09/10 22:53, Ferdinand Gassauer wrote:
Hello Aline!
Please could you add the following guidline :

All lists must be sorted using one or more visible attributes.
Lists are already sorted using one or more attribute by default, but it isn't always visible, E.G. Opportunities are sorted by priority and next action date. we could find a solution to give it more visible.
this to avoid to get lists sorted by inernal id as can be seen here
A bad example is products list ( a central table )
this list must be sorted either by
* product name or
* code or
* Category + product name (my preference)
I take note what you write about product list, we could sort by Product Name. About category, when an object has Categories, there is always a group by Category. You can use it to sort easily by category. You can also give you idea to sort other list views
OpenERP is waisting resources (server/network/user time) if users have to
click column headers to get userfriendly results after displaying "garbage"

I also suggested already multiple times to have an option to not display any
results for long list and ask users to enter search criteria first.
just think of slow and/or costly (mobile)line
I think it is better to keep a visible list, if there are attributes used by default to sort data, user can expect to see directly data he needs (e.g. Opportunities). If the sorted list isn't suitable for user, he can use other filter.
it would be good to to allow to store search parameters similar to filters (as
already partly available in Koo - remembers last sort)
If a user uses always same parameters, he can save it. but list view is often used to search a particular document in a given time. It could be less user friendly if the system remembers last sort.


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