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OpenERP 5.0.15 is out



We have the pleasure to announce a new release of OpenERP 5.0.

This release contains many bugfixes, as described below. If you want to find more details you can look at the Changelogs [1]

You will find the Windows Installers and the tarball archives on the OpenERP download page, the links are also mentioned at the bottom of this announcement.


2010-11-04: 5.0.15

* The title of the XSL reports support the accented characters
* Fix the safe_eval call
* Problem with the import when we use an one2many field
* Don't bind the server with the SIGUSR1 signal
* Avoid the multiple crons
* Fix a problem in the configuration loading
* ORM: Expression : Corrected operator handling for domains containing Many2one fields
* base: index added on ir.property fields
* base : Currency rates assigned to Currencies
* ir.translation: Indexes Corrected using hash indexes
* orm: properly handle unicode values returned by ir.translation
* ir.translation: ensure consistent return type for _get_source()
* ir.currency:  better handling of context
* Export: Corrections for exportation of relational fields
* Fields: correction on get() of O2M


* base: The shortcut of the partner is translatable
* the cron sleep 60 seconds
* base : Partner Addresses Menu now being translated
* use a single thread for cron
* dumpthreads on sigquit if py2.5 or bettter
* netsvc.Agent: spawned task threads should not be marked as daemon
* netsvc.Agent: Agent.runner thread should be marked daemon to be terminated at server exit (harmlessly) * SIGQUIT dumps thread stacks instead of quitting the program (like on the jvm)
* server catch SIGUSR1 and print threads stacks
* use a single thread for crons
* netsvc.Agent: correct docstrings
* netsvc.Agent: add doctrings
* netsvc.Agent: use better variable names



* Merged Borja's branch for correction on Invoice corrected workflow action of sale order
* Project : Recustive creation of tasks should not be allowed
* account : Wizard fails to detect whether partial or total reconcile must be used
* account : Account Balance Report structure corrected
* account : Added web-client compatibility for field journal_ids on wizard
* account : Automatic reonciliation now sorts move lines by maturity date
* account : Correction on Residual amount calculation on payment by bank statement * account : Correction on closing fiscalyear:journal should be centralizaed and the boolean of skip draft state should be False
* account : Multi-currency handled
* account : Translations corrected
* account : Typo fix
* account/stock : Better context-handling at tax computation to avoid wrong context-passing
* account_followup : Fixed report when partner has no address
* account_invoice_layout : Payment term with notes displayed on Invoice report * account_invoice_layout : Registered xml record for missing report of invoice layout with message
* auction : Signature of _type_get() fixed.
* auction : signature of methods corrected.
* audittrail: avoid deadlock when installing module making references to ir.model (like document)
* base_contact : Contact Job's Search Corrected
* crm : Report for Business opportunities corrected
* document: correct context use
* document: fix server shutdown
* hr_holidays : Corrections on Negative holiday request
* mrp_operations : copy of stock_move overridden in order to block wrong duplication of procurements and stock moves
* mrp_repair : Bad domain on repair.fee corrected
* mrp_repair : Bad reference to a many2one field corrected while creating invoice from repair * point_of_sale : Jourtnal reference should be passed while creating invoice from pos order
* project : Duplication of task should set remaining hours=planned hours
* sale : Progressbar for picking should show accurate result in cases of partial/complete pickings
* sale/mrp : sale related fields shifted to SALE from MRP
* sale: "Invoice Corrected" did not set the order lines as invoiced.
* sale: Small optimization of the previous "Invoice Corrected" fix.
* stock : Cancellation of picking should not be broken if it has no moves
* stock : Cancelled move lines should not be allowed for Invoice creation
* stock :invoice_onshipping wizard take the correct type of invoice



* FIX: Editable list view should not stop parsing if it has a button and a progressbar * FIX: Binary Field : if required,should set field as invalid \nImage widget:Removing value should clear model too
* DB_Restore : The "ok" button is activated by default for action
* Make restore database dialog correctly trigger default button.


* Fixed onchange for selection widget.
* Minor changes for Binary widget.
* Fix o2m current record.
* Fixed action when data is empty.
* Changed port by mistake.
* Fixed when set attrs invisible on notebook it display last visible page not first one.
* Handeled unknown locale.
* Correctly parse email address with full name
* Fixed many2one links.
* Fixed parent menu searching problem (domain was false).
* Speed Improvement and Report actions to follow data dictionary instead of id.
* Fixed export list.
* Fixed image widget.
* CSRF vulnerability (bug #632935).
* Fixed text widget.
* Fixed noneditable openrecord for m2o
* Fixed open records for many2one widget.
* Fixed for text widget element created in readonly mode if value is none.


* Server: http://openerp.com/download/stable/source/openerp-server-5.0.15.tar.gz * Client: http://openerp.com/download/stable/source/openerp-client-5.0.15.tar.gz
* Web: http://openerp.com/download/stable/source/openerp-web-5.0.15.tar.gz

Windows Installers:

* All In One: http://openerp.com/download/stable/win32/openerp-allinone-setup-5.0.15.exe * Server: http://openerp.com/download/stable/win32/openerp-server-setup-5.0.15.exe * Client: http://openerp.com/download/stable/win32/openerp-client-setup-5.0.15.exe
* Web: http://openerp.com/download/stable/win32/openerp-web-setup-5.0.15.exe

You can contribute to OpenERP on LaunchPad.

* OpenERP Download page: http://openerp.com/downloads.html
* OpenObject Project on LaunchPad: https://launchpad.net/openobject
* Translations: https://translations.launchpad.net/openobject
* Bug Reporting: https://bugs.launchpad.net/openobject/+filebug
* [1] Changelogs:
* Server: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~openerp/openobject-server/5.0/annotate/head:/doc/Changelog * Client: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~openerp/openobject-client/5.0/annotate/head:/doc/Changelog * Web: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~openerp/openobject-client-web/5.0/annotate/head:/doc/ChangeLog

The OpenERP Team,