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sale order default sort order


 Hello Magentoerpconnect and OpenERP usability experts,

As you might know, magentoerpconnect can import orders from several web
What happens is that Magento use to have different sale order sequences for
each shop.
But, unlike OpenERP, it's a pure numeric sequence.
For instance:
shop 1: 10000XXXX
shop 2: 20000XXXX

When importing those orders in OpenERP we just prefix them by "mag_" and
write that in the order name for easy lookup. so we have: mag_10000XXXX for

But by default OpenERP use the order name to sort the sale orders.
That means that by default you won't see your last Magento orders unless you
click twice on the date column (because name alphabetical order will differ
from date order depending on the shop you import).
This sucks!

What do you think we should do to improve that?
1) override sale order default order to make OpenERP sort by date?
2) change the default order directly in OpenERP and make it order by date?
3) use a unique OpenERP sequence and store the order name elsewhere?
4) other?

Please give me you suggestions. Thanks in advance.

Raphaël Valyi
Founder and consultant
+55 21 3010 9965