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[Blueprint mgmtsystem-configuration-panel] Configuration panel


Blueprint changed by Maxime Chambreuil (http://www.savoirfairelinux.com):

Whiteboard changed:
  I kept "Enable multi-company" to determine when to install document_page_multi_company module.
  I also planned to use module dependencies to auto-select features.
  Then, it's "document_page_multi_company" that auto-install when multicompany is activated.
  Where do you activate multi-company ? My understanding is that multi-company is just a group you had to a user. It is provided by each module.
  As a user, I activate multi company at General Settings » "Manage multiple companies". This installs the "multi_company" module. IMHO, from there on, I expect that all modules to be multicompany without me having to manually install that option.
+ @dreis-pt
+ OK. Good for me.

Configuration panel