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What is needed to remove "Conflicts: oracle-java10-installer" from OpenJDK packaging?



I maintain an Oracle Java 10 PPA [1] (based on Andrew's scripts from
webupd8.org but modified for Oracle Java 10) and I noticed that OpenJDK
packages in Debian and Ubuntu have "Conflicts: oracle-java10-installer" in
the control file which means you can't install both Oracle Java and OpenJDK.

I searched for the reasons behind this and all I could find was a mention
that the oracle-javaX-installer package automatically incremented the Java
priority a long time ago. This is no longer the case though. Is there
anything else I need to tweak to the oracle-java10-installer package to
have that "Conflicts: oracle-java10-installer" removed from the Debian /
Ubuntu packages?

[1] https://launchpad.net/~linuxuprising/+archive/ubuntu/java