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OpenStack Asia Movement - Barrier


hi all
based on my experience visiting Japan (Osaka/Tokyo)

dan see there are a "collective protective" model of culture.. esp in Japan

sorry to OS Leader, cannot meet u, because of this culture..

but I think that will be good idea if we can united and share more
extensively about OS with all of us.. the chapter leader

1. culture barier to share outside country, in several case, outside
internal country's community
2. language barier, esp we are not english speaking country, and we know.
English is suck language.. word and pronouciation unmatch. a lot of asian
country using double byte language, and that hard to understand.
3. goverment model to pull the program, and translation become trend, so
the local language journal become a barrier for the better movement, esp in
opensource world.
4. cost to meet in several country like indonesia become main issue, but
less of asian people wanna to share in global mailing list, they love local
mailing list. that is not happen in korea or japan, but here in indonesia..
i believe the 2 country malaysia and singapore better, they speak english..
but i dont see good community program there.. :) esp in singapore, sharing
is not their culture, but sales-ing..

benefit unification
1. goverment have funding, and need greater program than local program.. i
believe openstack can get benefit from this.
2. better content to bring new value to openstack in focus ...

i think this is good for input for OpenStack Foundation model and local
chapter model

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