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Follow up on Community panel at the conference


Hello all

at the conference I moderated a panel


with Boris Renski,  Masanori Itoh, Joseph B. George, Tristan Goode, 
Yoyo Chiang and important contribution from Heng Chui and Sammy Luo 
from China.

There will soon be a video online but the gist of the session is that 
we need to add more content in local languages to openstack.org, and we 
need to publish and keep updating the document OpenStack User Group 
HOWTO. Other comments were that starting a new user group is easy, 
doesn’t need bureaucracy and it can help companies build a local 
reputation as OpenStack experts.

I have started by putting the OpenStack User Group HOWTO on a more 
prominent page


as suggested. The page needs additions/editing. Please add the other 
suggestions that emerged during the panel.

Since some asked me the slides I used to introduce the topic, you'll 
find them here: