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Beyond the wiki page: planning an International Community Portal


Hello folks,

with the large growth of OpenStack internationally comes the need to
have a better system to list the international resources for new users
of OpenStack. At the moment we have a couple of wiki pages like
http://wiki.openstack.org/OpenStackUserGroups, this list and the map on
the /community page on openstack.org. All that content is available only
in English. We need more.

I would like to discuss the needs of the international community and get
a new system in place in the next few weeks.

Basic needs

  • A directory of OpenStack user groups (OSUG) that is more flexible
and appealing than a wiki page.
  • A system to get in touch with members (all members or just the
coordinators/leaders?) of the international communities.


  • Register users using SSO
    ∘ as a user I would like to be able to associate my profile from
Launchpad, Linkedin or Google to the site
  • Support content in multiple languages (switch list and automatic
recognition via browser agent configuration)
  • Support roles: managers of the groups can add resources, members can
sign up as members, anonymous can read all content
  • Show activity from all groups in my own language on the portal home page
  • Directory of OSUGroups, with geographic representation
    ∘ be able to view the groups on a chart
    ∘ display also the full list of groups
  • Manage content (pages) of generic interest
    ∘ to host content like how to start a group, general, policies,
trademark stuff, generic icons, etc
  • Per each group,
    ∘ allow users to add events, each group will expose its ical feed
    ∘ show to list additional resources for the group: mailing lists,
forums, wiki pages, home page, url of blogs,
    ∘ import RSS feed from blogs to aggregate content on groups page
    ∘ display photostreams from flickr and such on the home page

  • is that all we need?
  • do we want to host and provide web apps for any of the local groups
(mlists, blog, forums, etc)?
  • can we reuse code from Ubuntu Loco portal?
https://code.launchpad.net/loco-team-portal The code is tightly
integrated in Launchpad, local teams need to be created as Launchpad
Teams, it uses Launchpad as OpenID provider (bugs included) but it's
already there, it's a django app
  • What other tools can we use for this and would you volunteer to
manage such tool?

I'm interested in your opinions.

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