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Re: [Openstack] New layout of the OpenStack mailing lists


On Fri 25 May 2012 11:03:40 AM PDT, Russell Bryant wrote:
> We have been posting security advisories to the main mailing list.

I'm interested to understand why you've done that. The announce list 
has always existed, but nobody uses it.

> I
> worry that they get missed by a lot of pepole since it's such a high
> volume list.  Using the announce list would be great for those.

Consider that the new layout is designed to redistribute the volume of 
emails now only on the Launchpad list to two lists, so traffic should 
not be a big issue for a while.

Having too many lists is a bad user experience: we should have only the 
ones we really need, with well described objectives and topics so that 
new users know where to go find the information they're looking for. In 
my experience, more lists means more messages (due to cross posting 
--just in case, you'll never know), not less.


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