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Australian OpenStack News


Hi all,
I wanted to update everyone about some upcoming events we are organising here at AOSUG, and some news from the last couple of months.
Upcoming Events
Friday 1st of June 11am - Live Webinar
Dell have organised a global event tomorrow, an OpenStack Deploy Day http://bit.ly/crowbarOSED that they've set up to showcase their OpenStack Essex & Crowbar work. They have added a 3 hour session specifically to accommodate Asian time zones, the online sessions (Loop 4) will start at June 1st 11am Sydney time.
We have some meetup events organised around the country in the coming months:
Brisbane June 26 - Meetup
We're holding a meetup on June 26th, at a venue yet to be determined. I'm looking for assistance in picking a venue in Brisbane, a pub will be fine but preferably one where we can meet and chat without getting blasted by music etc, and where they have food, and most importantly, where we can throw on a bar tab! Matthew has put forward the possibility of using the Gold Coast Tech Space for a venue, but I'm unsure if that's convenient if the majority of attendees will be from Brisbane. Please get in contact with me directly if you want to help us select a location, help organize the event or sponsor in any way.
Sydney June 28 - Aptira EOFY bash and AOSUG Meetup
On June 28, we're going back to the Harbour View Hotel in the Rocks in Sydney for an End Of Financial Year bash. Those that came to our first Sydney meet back in December last year will remember the Harbour View fondly I'm sure. It had great drinks, great food and it kicked off our Aussie meets in spectacular fashion! The meet will be a social gathering, just an informal get together for us to meet and chat and drink and eat.
Perth July 16 - Meetup
We're planning to hold a meetup in Perth July 16, at a venue yet to be determined. Once again I'm looking for assistance in picking a venue, like Brisbane, a pub will be fine but preferably one where we can meet and chat without getting blasted by music etc, and where they have food, and most importantly, where we can throw on a bar tab! Please get in contact with me directly if you want to help us select a location, help organize the event or sponsor in any way.
Adelaide August 22 - Meetup
In conjunction with SAGE-AU and many thanks to Robert Mibus for the invitation, we're inviting South Australian OzStackers to join the regular Adelaide chapter of SAGE-AU's monthly meeting in Adelaide on August 22. I'm planning to ask one of the OpenStack project tech leads or luminaries to participate by way of beaming them in via WebEx or other (as we've done in Sydney and Melbourne recently) to present a talk on their involvement with OpenStack. Numbers for this event are limited so if you're an SA OzStacker please jump onto http://aosug.openstack.org.au and RSVP to reserve your spot.
OpenStack APEC Conference (OSAC) - August 22-24, Beijing and Shanghai
Hosted by the China OpenStack User Group (COUG) and the Chinese Software Developer Network (CSDN), a massive event is being organised to be held simultaneously in Beijing and Shanghai. This event is shaping up to be the biggest OpenStack event ever, with 1000+ guests expected for Beijing, and 600+ guests expected for Shanghai, with Streamline Live to link the 2 conference sites. I am very excited about this event, I'll be attending and if anyone else is looking to go please get in touch with me! I'll post the event web site to AOSUG once it goes live in the coming days.
Folsom Design Summit and Conference in April
I know it was a little while ago, but last month a bunch of Aussies were present at the Folsom Design Summit and Conference in San Francisco, so many in fact that Australia was the 5th most represented foreign nation. I was indeed a pleasure to represent OzStackers there and I am looking forward to the seeing more of us at the next conference.  
Steven Manos, Tom Fifield, Sam Morrison and Sina Sadeghi from NeCTAR attended, with Steven and Tom doing a talk on the NeCTAR project.
Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/laurabeckcahoon/nectar-openstack-2012-v3
Jorke Odolphi from NICTA presented on NICTA's work on building disaster recovery solutions using OpenStack.
Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/laurabeckcahoon/disaster-recovery-using-openstack
Video: http://vimeo.com/41360764
Phil Rogers, Aptira CTO, and I presented a talk on our Australian User Group, the state of cloud in Australia, data sovereignty, and an idea of Phil's for getting ownership of your data back that OpenStack might bring to fruition.
Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/aptira/aptira-open-stack-experiences-in-australia
Video: http://vimeo.com/41359565
I also had the privilege of sitting on a panel with several user group organizers from around the world and chaired by Stefano Maffulli, to discuss promoting the OpenStack community.
Video: http://vimeo.com/41361168
Everyone we spoke to at the conference was aware of the Aussie community, so my hat goes off to all of you at AOSUG for getting involved and making our community a success, we now have over 200 in the group, and my goal is to get to 500 by the end of the year.
Canberra OpenStack User Group
For those who might be in Canberra or know of OpenStack aware people in the ACT, Kristoffer Sheather has started a Canberra user group. You can join up at http://www.meetup.com/Canberra-OpenStack-Users-Group/. With Linux.conf.au being held in Canberra in January and the call for presentations opening June 1, this will be a great opportunity for the Canberra group to represent OpenStack.
Scheduling AOSUG events
My proposal for Sydney and Melbourne is to have a meetup every 2 months, interleaved with each other (eg Sydney one month then Melbourne the next and so on). We'll try to have a technical presentation meetup followed by a social meetup, and see how we go. After we hold these inaugural events in Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane, we'll see what sort of a schedule we can work towards in these locations. 
Anyway that's all from me for now, hope you all have a great Friday. At Aptira we have a "no-changes" policy on all infrastructure every Friday so we can be sure to make Friday arvo drinks and have an easy weekend.
AOSUG co-ordinator