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OpenStack Community Newsletter -- June 22


    Highlights of the week

      OpenStack Summit coming October 15th-19th to San Diego, CA

Mark your calendar October 15th-19th in San Diego, California with more
of everything: 4 days of Design Summit, 2 full days of conference
content, more devops time, more workshops. One registration system./No
invitation required for Design Summit tracks and no cap /(limited only
by facility capacity). One name for the weeks' activities: "OpenStack
Summit" with designated rooms for Design Summit & various Conference
topics. More details


      OpenStack Nova, Glance, Keystone and Horizon 2012.1.1 released

The bugfixes contained in this release were backported from the
development branches into a stable branch
<http://wiki.openstack.org/StableBranch>. The release is intended to be
a relatively risk free update with no intentional regressions or API

      Performance metrics <http://markmail.org/message/tv63o6c2ozb7fg6d>

An interesting discussion on how to do performance analysis on OpenStack.


      *Cinder* status update <http://markmail.org/message/cxw5xm7qmvh6t3kf>

Cinder is the new project intended to separate block storage out of Nova
and provide it via it's own service. The goal is to have a functional
replacement for Nova-Volumes by Folsom 2. What to expect and what's in
progress in the status update
<http://markmail.org/message/cxw5xm7qmvh6t3kf> by John Griffith.


The community is trying to figure out how to release client libraries.
No consensus yet and therefore no decision: your opinion is appreciated.

    Upcoming Events

  * Australian OpenStack User Group
    <http://aosug.openstack.org.au/events/62345642/> Jun 26, 2012 -
    Brisbane, Australia Details
  * Australian OpenStack User Group - Sydney Meetup
    <http://aosug.openstack.org.au/events/67053762/> Jun 28, 2012 -
    Sydney, Australia Details
  * Juju Works Like a Charm
    <http://www.meetup.com/OpenStack-LA/events/67004572/> Jun 28, 2012 -
    Los Angeles, CA Details
    Jul 16 - 20, 2012 - Portland, OR Sponsor
  * 13th International Free Software Forum - OpenStack Track
    <http://wiki.openstack.org/FISL13> Jul 25 - 28, 2012 - Porto Alegre,
    Brazil Coordination <http://wiki.openstack.org/FISL13>
  * 2012 OpenStack APEC Conference
    <http://openstack.csdn.net/index.html> Aug 10 - 11, 2012 -
    Bejing+Shanghai, China Details <http://openstack.csdn.net/index.html>

    Other news

  * OpenStack Project 2012-06-18 meeting summary
    and full log

    Welcome new contributors

Celebrating the first patches submitted this week by:

  * Martin Packman, Canonical
  * Sascha Peilicke, Suse

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