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OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (July 20-27)


    Highlights of the week

      Join The OpenStack Foundation

The OpenStack community has worked hard since the announcement of
intention to establish an OpenStack Foundation in October 2011. We've
come to the point where Individual Members can join and begin making
important contributions like nominating board members:
http://openstack.org/join  (It's free!)

      OpenStack Foundation Board -- 2012 Election Candidates

See the current list of nominees for the OpenStack Foundation 2012 Board
Member Elections who have received at least one nomination. A candidate
must receive at least 10 nominations to appear on the ballot. Any active
member of the OpenStack Foundation can support a nominee at the links
below or nominate a new candidate by emailing secretary@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:secretary@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> (the acting secretary is Jonathan
Bryce). A candidate must receive at least 10 nominations to appear on
the ballot. *The final day to nominate a candidate is August 6, 2012.*

      *Creating a development cycle that is more user friendly***

*Following recent discussions about increasing the involvement of users
in the development of OpenStack, a new thread started. Your opinion is

      A review of the 1st London OpenStack Meetup

The report by Daniel P. Berrangé about a fabulous night, with views
across London via the open air roof terrace, watered with pizza & drinks
and warm weather in London. Daniel's talk is available also as podcast
<http://cloudevangelist.org/2012/07/27/openstack_podcast/> on Cloud
Evangelist <http://cloudevangelist.org/> blog.

      Weekly Hyper-V meeting on Freenode/#openstack-hyper-v

Anyone interested in bringing back support for Hyper-V in Nova is
invited to join the new OpenStack-Hyper-V team.

      Tips and tricks

  * By Mark McLoughlin <http://blogs.gnome.org/markmc>: How
    <http://blogs.gnome.org/markmc/2012/07/27/ancient-history/>find the
    bzr merge proposal in launchpad which caused a given commit to be
  * By Sébastien Han <http://sebastien-han.fr/>: Watch your nova log at
    the same time

    Upcoming Events

  * 2012 OpenStack APEC Conference
    <http://openstack.csdn.net/index.html> Aug 10 -- 11, 2012 --
    Bejing+Shanghai, China Details <http://openstack.csdn.net/index.html>
  * OpenStack Summit <http://openstack.org/> Oct 15 -- 18, 2012 -- San
    Diego, CA

    Other news

  * OpenStack Project Meeting 2012-07-24: Summary
    and Meeting log

    Welcome new contributors

Celebrating the first patches submitted this week by:

  * Aaron Orosen, Nicira
  * Nayna Patel, HP

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