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Re: Vulnerability - LVM ephemeral images.


> I was just informed that this group is not private.
> Sorry, I was under the belief that under the charter of this group, that
> this was a private list.

Sorry for the confusion.  That was our original intention, but it
appears that this wasn't possible the way that the launchpad mailing
lists work.  There is some talk about creating a mailman list to give
us more flexibility, but that hasn't been done yet.

Either way, I do agree with Russell that vulnerabilities shouldn't be
broadly discussed within OSSG at this time.  The group has grown
quickly (yeah!), but with that comes other challenges too.  You could
certainly use the OSSG members as a resource though.  For example, if
you need specific expertise to help understand a reported
vulnerability.  Then you could pull in the necessary OSSG members to
help diagnose the report.


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