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Re: [Merge] lp:~termie/nova/move_tests into lp:nova


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On 07/26/2010 03:10 PM, termie wrote:
> If that seems to be the common approach no objection here, I'm used to seeing it the other way around. A quick scan through the python repositories I have copies of on my laptop shows:
> PIL -- 
> boto -- out
> bzr -- in
> bzr-fastimport -- out
> django -- out
> eventlet -- out
> google-app-engine-django -- in
> gunicorn -- out
> mercurial -- out
> nose -- out
> redis-py -- out
> pylint -- ?? wtf are they doing
> pyosc -- n/a
> python-cloudfiles -- out
> python-daemon -- n/a
> python-gflags -- n/a
> twisted -- in
> virtualenv -- n/a
> zope -- in
> tests in package: 4
> tests outside of package: 9
> no package / no test: 5
> ... which actually makes me inclined to believe that having it out is actually the more common way.
> Reconsider?

I can make good arguments for either... my personal preference is out
though. My arguments for out:

When I run pep8/pylint, I run it on nova/  ... if you have tests out,
then you don't have to keep them clean. :)

They don't get installed.

Tests are in a location, which means you can find them - and then they
consume the package to be tested just like anyone else. If they're in,
then they're sort of _part_ of that package, which means they may have a
slightly different view of things than things which are not part of that

HOWEVER - I would vote that whichever we pick we should apply to both
swift and nova and then make that our best-practice for openstack
projects. Swift is currently out. Nova is currently in.
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