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Re: Architecture for Shared Components



On Tue, Aug 03, 2010 at 03:24:15PM -0400, Michael Gundlach wrote:
>    Hooray again for WSGI solving this problem :)  In-process transformations
>    that can become HTTP proxies as needed!

I have a prototype of a layered WSGI app that talks AMQP (via
carrot module like in Nova) to Rabbit during the request, all non
blocking and powered by Eventlet. Looking at WSGI and Twisted, it
doesn't look like this will be trivial, or will be WSGI standard
compliant. Right now Twisted handles WSGI with separate threads
rather than hooking into the non-blocking event system. There is
one project out there trying to make WSGI async via normal twisted
but it doesn't look like it is stable or portable to other WSGI
frameworks due to the custom async extensions.

So, merging in the twisted vs eventlet thread, if we want to stick
with WSGI, I think we have a decision. At this point my vote is
definitely on the Eventlet side.


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