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What each Bug status should mean


Hello everyone,

During the weekly IRC meeting yesterday we started a discussion on what
meaning we should give to the Launchpad bug statuses for Openstack. It
became quickly obvious that there were several worthy options and that
the mailing-list was a better forum to discuss this.

The first question is what "Fix committed" and "Fix released" should
mean. There are two possible directions:

 * The developer (or "trunk") view, where "Fix committed" means a branch
has been proposed with the fix, and "Fix released" means the fix has
landed in trunk.

 * The user (or "release") view, where "Fix committed" means the fix has
been committed to trunk and "Fix released" means the fix has been
released in a given "Openstack release".

Given the way LP handles "Fix committed" bugs (keep them visible by
default in bug lists), I tend to prefer the "developer/trunk" view, but
maybe that is confusing for users (makes it a bit more difficult to find
already-fixed-in-trunk duplicates when filing a bug against a released
version ?).

The second question revolves around the "Confirmed" and "Triaged"
states. I would use "Confirmed" when the bug has been acknowledged as a
real bug and had its "Importance" set. Or should we restrict it to bugs
that have been strictly reproduced ?

Then I would use "Triaged" when the bug is understood (we know how to
fix it, it is ready to be fixed), but just missing an assignee with time
to fix it. Would that be reasonable ? Would you prefer some other meaning ?

The last question is about the "Opinion" and "Wont Fix" statuses, which
sound redundant to me, unless someone can suggest a good distinction
between them ?

The remaining statuses are no-brainers, I think: "New" is the first
state, "Incomplete" is when it's missing input from the OP, and "In
progress" is when the assignee is working on it.

Let me know what you think about that,

Thierry Carrez
Release Manager, OpenStack

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