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Re: i18n support in nova


Thanks Tushar for sending this and keeping the conversation going. Putting
this thread on the openstack mailing list - rather than clicking the
"Contact this team" link, feel free to send this to the OpenStack list for
discussion. And let me know if that's incorrect thinking, everyone. :)

Just to put a doc perspective on this - I am interested in using the gettext
module because 1.1 Sphinx apparently will support gettext translations and
the current developer builds of Sphinx do support it already. The only
caveat I know of is that the workflow is still under review for how
Launchpad typically handles PO files. See
and tell me if you have opinions on its affect for OpenStack
going forward.

Before working on RST-based translations, however, I think it best to use
the wiki for translated pages or writing in your native language. Use these
instructions: http://moinmo.in/MoinDev/Translation#Creating_new_pages to
create a translated page on the wiki.

I'm not giving a vote for either approach, but letting you know about
potential doc impact in the decision process. We can all use more education
about how Launchpad works with translations, also.


On Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 4:57 PM, Tushar Patil <tpatil@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Jay,
> In the last meeting, it came out with 2 approaches to support i18N in
> nova.
> 1) Using gettext module. Wrapping _() for all the logging messages.
> This has a huge impact on the code. On the other hand in my
> understanding we would benefit by translation of strings in different
> languages using launchpad translation process. Currently Launchad is not
> enabled for translation management.
> We would need this very soon.
> 2) automatically call _() on log messages with the nova/log.py that is
> in lp:~xtoddx/nova/newlog
> Minimal change in the code. But I am not sure if in this case it is
> possible to use launchpad translation process.
> xtoddx : Is it possible to call _()?
> In bexar release, we are planning to support i18n changes only related
> to the logging messages.
> In future, this would be extended to the exception handling messages and
> responses to the client request.
> I think it is very important to decide which approach would best fit in
> long run.
> Jay pipes, Monty Taylor and everyone please comment on this.
> Tushar Patil.
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