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Re: ANNOUNCE: Live-CD for Nova 2010.1 available


I uploaded this image to Cloud Files:


If anyone else has any images they would like to share with the community
let me know. VM images, Live images etc... anything that you think someone
else might find useful give me details on where to get it and what it does
and I will work with Anne to get it online and documented available in a
central location.

-Jordan Rinke

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On 12/1/10 5:24 PM, Gregory Haskins wrote:
> Hi All,
> FYI: I put together a live-cd appliance containing the Nova 2010.1 
> release.  It is still experimental at this stage, but thought I might 
> share it in case anyone was interested.  You can find the download 
> available here: http://susegallery.com/a/CddWTN/openstack

Several people have reported that the download is not available unless you
sign up for susegallery.  I didn't realize that was the case as apparently I
was logged in when I tested it!

Let me find an alternative way to host the .iso and report back.  Sorry for
the problems.


> 1) Not all of the services are auto-starting properly
> 2) The service itself is completely untested outside of that they seem 
> to run without crashing.
> Let me know if you have any questions,
> Kind Regards,
> -Greg

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