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Bexar BranchMergeProposalFreeze now in effect


Hello everyone,

Now that Thursday is yesterday in most parts of the world,
BranchMergeProposalFreeze is in effect. This only affects branches that
introduce new features or changes in expected behavior ("feature
branches"), not branches fixing bugs ("bugfix branches").

You can still propose feature branches for merging, until FeatureFreeze
(end of day, Jan 13), but:

 * You have to follow the exception request procedure described at
http://wiki.openstack.org/BranchMergeProposalFreeze (basically, open a
bug about the request so that we can have a place to discuss its merits)

 * There is no guarantee that your branch will get reviewed and
considered for merging in time before FeatureFreeze (branches proposed
before BMPFreeze get priority)

Exceptions can be granted by the subproject -core teams or by the
release manager.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack