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Re: Glance x-image-meta-type raw vs machine


2011/1/14 Diego Parrilla Santamaría <diego.parrilla.santamaria@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Well... VMX is probably too VMware oriented. My only concern about this kind
> of proprietary parameter file is you don't really have the chance to control
> its lifecycle. New versions, changes... and developers lagging behind of
> this changes. It can be a nightmare.
> But this is more a decision of Product Management than a technical
> decision... from my perspective. From a pure user perspective, the more
> options the better, of course.
> BTW, I think we did a good job in Abicloud about virtual disk formats and
> virtual images: http://abiquo.org/display/ABI16/Virtual+Images+Introduction

Helpful link, thanks Diego :)

Followup question, based partly on the table of supported disk
formats: instead of the general VMDK as a disk format, should we have
a more broken-down format for, say, sparse VMDK?

In other words, how fine-grained should the metadata about an image in
Glance be?


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