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Deprecating nova-objectstore


Hello everyone,

The objectstore in nova is still alive in Bexar. The long term plan
seems to be to get rid of it: it's still using eventlet and Glance is
now covering most of its featureset.

It is probably too late to remove it for Bexar, but we need to have a
plan for Cactus. IIUC the objectstore still provides an easy way to do
EC2-style image upload/registration.

To do it with Glance, AFAICT you need to use an S3 backend (Swift with
the S3 frontend or Amazon's S3 itself). That sounds a bit overkill, so
does that mean we need a basic "S3-like service" to cover for that use
case ? Should it be provided by Glance and reuse Glance filesystem
backend, or be done outside Glance and reuse the S3 backend ?

Thoughts ?

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack

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