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Re: Block storage management API (Cloud Disks API)


On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 8:50 PM,  <ksankar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Couple of quick observations on the REST semantics :
> a)    What is the context of calls in 1.1 ? A user ? Looks like you are
> assuming the context of a user/group that will own both VMs and disks, which
> is fine. Just wanted to make sure that what it is. You might want to
> consider the case for disk sharing (not simultaneously) where a use creates
> a data set and then others attach it
> b)    Looks like there is always RW; no RO disks
> c)    You could also extend this for volumes; don't think there is any
> difference between a block device and a volume for the kinds of operations
> listed here
> d)    yep, 1.4 PUT /servers/id/disks/id is redundant. No need and it is
> error prone
> e)    I think 1.6 requires an id ie POST /servers/id/disks/id
> f)     Have you looked at OCCI ?

All good points, with one tiny exception. e) POST /servers/id/disks
should not have a trailing id, as a POST call creates the disk's ID,
at least for most REST interfaces.  The PUT call, however, would
include the id...