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Re: Multi-NIC support to Cactus


I wanted to clarify what mult-nic means to us as we're going to implement

Since we use flat networking and we assign the ips to the vms it feels
like it isn't complicated. Someone please correct me if I'm
misunderstanding. We have both public and private networks for the vms.
Since we pick and assign both those addresses out of a range for the
public and private nics we are able to assign a public routable ip to to
the "public" interface and a private RFC1918 address to the "private"

Since we are using XenServer, we do this by putting those addresses in a
json string in xenstore and having an agent read the xenstore and
configure the nics as necessary. Both the public and private nics are on
single vlans. 

I know the network service is going to get complicated very quickly but I
wanted to let everyone know for Cactus, our use case is pretty simple.


On 2/2/11 9:04 AM, "masumotok@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <masumotok@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>Hello Ewan,
>Thanks for your answer. Now it's clear to me.
>> I assume that the tenant will not be able to configure any rich network
>> topologies until network-service is done.
>Network model topic is big issue and multi-nic issue is also not a small
>issue if we cover "any" network topologies. I'm expecting at first
>thought - 
>1. instances can have more than 2 vifs.
>2. cloud user can decide how many vifs instance have.
>3. different vlan can be assigned to vifs.
>4. different security groups can be assigned to vifs.
>5. "vifs are assigned which physical nics" kind of thought is necessary(?)
>Those are just first shallow thought - things can go step by step.
>I personally feel that not only model-basis discussion but also
>functionality-based discussion may be good to accelerate better network
>Kindly Regards, 
>Kei Masumoto
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>Subject: RE: Multi-NIC support to Cactus
>That's a good question.  Multi-NIC support could be separated out from
>the rest of the network-service blueprint, but I don't know whether it
>would be useful to do so.
>I assume that the tenant will not be able to configure any rich network
>topologies until network-service is done.  If that is true, what else
>would you do with multi-NIC support?  And how do you imagine that it
>would work?
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>> Subject: [Openstack] Multi-NIC support to Cactus
>> Hello,
>> Regarding to the blueprint to Cactus,
>> I found 2 blueprints that may be related to multi-NIC.
>> ( I expect instances can have multiple vnic. )
>> 1. <https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/multi-nic>
>> 2. <https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/multinic-libvirt>
>> Q1. New network model topic and multi-nic support topic will be
>> discussed as different topics for Cactus.
>> A new netowk model is deferred to Diablo but multi-NIC support may be
>> included in Cactus, am I following to current discussion?
>> Q2. If so, looking back to discussions till now, multi-nic might be
>> supported to Xenserver and KVM to Cactus?
>> I know we are not sure till any blueprint be approved, my team is
>> curious to KVM multi-nic support.
>> Regards,
>> Kei Masumoto
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