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Re: Pondering multi-tenant needs in nova.


Perhaps thought should be given to other services besides Nova. Swift has no central accounts database. For it to gather "all accounts like x" type queries, it'd have to hit up every account node. Probably the same for a queue service. A database service might have a central db, and I guess Nova has one. But, since not all do, there has to be something external managing them, so why not have this something manage the others as well?

Wouldn't it be good to have a Cloud Management Service that allowed you create accounts, sub-accounts, users, groups, roles, projects, with linkages to virtual machines, swift containers, queue service end points, etc.? Each new service would just provide this management system an /account/grouping/resource type url structure and not worry about all the rest.

"Keep it as simple as possible; but no simpler." Nova manages virtual machines and their resources. Grouping such by account makes great sense, and maybe even by project (I guess that's like a Swift container?). But that seems like more than enough for a coding project.

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