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Re: Review days for nova-core members


On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 9:53 PM, Paul Voccio <paul.voccio@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Not sure what the etiquette is for removing someone. Michael Gundlach is
> still listed but is no longer participating.

I think these sorts of things can be resolved on the mailing list just
fine. It's not a big deal for a developer to leave nova-core; after
all, we all move on to other things at some point in time and/or need
to focus on non-review stuff.

Also, another point I failed to make is that membership in nova-core
*does not* mean that you must be an expert in Nova's code base or an
expert in the underlying technologies in Nova (virtualization,
networking, volume management, etc).  If that were the case, I for one
certainly would not be in nova-core. It's more about a commitment to
give contributors the review time and attention they deserve. In
reviews, I will be the first to acknowledge that my review will, say,
focus on style or high-level design, because I may not have expertise
in a certain area like networking. And part of my review will be to
search out someone like Vishy who may indeed have that expertise.

Just my two cents,