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Re: Steps that can help stabilize Nova's trunk


On Feb 17, 2011, at 4:21 PM, Soren Hansen wrote:

> I understand the motivation, I'm just not sure I want the latter to
> actually block a merge. As an example, the recent race condition I
> spotted and fixed required a patch to land in eventlet. If the latter
> was allowed to block a merge, we'd have to keep a known race condition
> in Nova until upstream decides to do a release so that pip could fetch
> it. That could take a *long* time. In the mean time, I stuck a fixed
> Eventlet package in our PPA (and in Ubuntu Natty proper) so that we
> could move on with our lives and get rid of the race condition.
> There's simply a flexibility in this approach that I don't see how we
> can obtain with the pip approach.

For those who deploy on platforms other than Ubuntu, are these customizations recorded somewhere in the OpenStack documentation? If I wanted to deploy to SUSE, it would help to know that, say, I can use the stock version of greenlet 0.3.1, but I need to use a customized version of eventlet 0.9.12 with the patches that correspond to python-eventlet in the nova-core/release PPA. 

Having access to a comprehensive set of the dependency packages versions for the reference implementation platform would be very helpful for debugging problems on other platforms.  Is it possible  automatically pull this info from the PPA, extract it from the package metadata, and then add it to the admin guide docs? 

Lorin Hochstein, Computer Scientist
USC Information Sciences Institute

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