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Re: Steps that can help stabilize Nova's trunk


Believe, me we know.  Our team is bringing up OpenStack on our heterogeneous testbed, a 1TB 256core SGI UltraViolet machine, three Nvidia S2050 boards connected to three SGI XE500 boxes (exposing the GPUs to new instance types using a modified gVirtuS driver), and a nova-compute proxy managing 10 Tilera TILEmpower systems with 64-core TilePro64 processors (that are bare-metal PXE booting the images from an x86 box).  They all have dual 10GbE interfaces and it's all SUSE Enterprise.  Configuration management is a joy.

I was under the impression that "runtest.sh -V -f" was what committers should strive to achieve before submitting a branch for review.  That means you might win the booby prize and hit python_migrate bug totally unrelated to your patch.

Brian Schott

On Feb 17, 2011, at 2:18 PM, Soren Hansen wrote:

> One other thing I forgot to point out is that there's a world outside
> of Python, too. You can pull all the stuff you want from pip, but
> there's still a whole bunch of things that aren't managed by pip that
> you need to rely on your distro for anyways. Like, say, a kernel,
> Python itself, libvirt, iscsi tools, etc., etc.
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