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documentation of flags, introducing of a naming convention for flags



At the moment we're using a lot of flags spread all over the code.

a) we should create a useful documentation including all flags

b) we should introduce a naming convention for new flags and we should
rename existing flags


all flags related to default values are starting with "default_", all
flags related to a path are starting with "path_".

Looks like most of the flags have good names at the moment, but I think
we should write it down in the wiki or the developer documentation to
reduce the possibility of bad names in the future.

c) if it's possible we should collect all flags in one file

At the moment the flags are defined in the files where they are used. I
think it would be nice to have on file, for example nova/flags.py,
including all flags used all over the code.

Bye, Christian.

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