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Burrow (queue service)


Hi everyone,

I'd like to thank every who put in their opinion on the various queue
service threads over the past couple weeks. It seems Erlang had the
most enthusiasm from the language discussions, so we'll be going with
that. We'll be able to move quickly with Erlang, which also means
we'll be able to tell if it was a mistake even faster. :)

The project is named burrow (as in a series of tunnels made by animals)
and can be found here:


Please continue to review and give feedback on the service, and if
you're interested in getting involved, please don't hesitate to help
out with coding or do code reviews! Blueprints will be added shortly
for ideas of what to work on, and code will start landing later today.

If you're an expert Erlang hacker and have the time and interest to
do code reviews, please let me know. We could use one or two more
members to bootstrap the burrow-core group.

Again, thanks for all the constructive feedback!