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Using useful commit messages while merging code into trunk



Sometimes there are very useless commit messages after merging a
propsal into trunk.


" 748. Did a pull from trunk to be sure I had the latest, then deleted
the test directory. I guess it appeared when I started using venv. Doh.

or my own:

" 747. reverted my changes from
https://code.launchpad.net/~berendt/nova/lp722554/+merge/50579 and
reused the existing db api methods to add the disabled services. Looks
much better now :)

i couldn't figure out how to uncommit and revert my changes in an
already pushed branch, always ending in "ERROR: These branches
have diverged.". So i created a new branch rev2 and a new
proposal... (detail)"

I think the problem is that per default the last commit message in the
branch is used.

We should always set a correct commit message in the merge propsal and
we should don't merge code with useless commit messages.

Bye, Christian.

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