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Re: Entities in OpenStack Auth


> Swift
> Swift has the concept of accounts, users, and groups. An account
> contains users, and a user can belong to groups. Accounts names have an
> abstraction layer, so while you may login with account "example.com",
> the account name used within swift is a UUID with a prefix.
> By default, a user belongs to a group for the user "user:account"
> and a group for the account "account". The other group names can
> be arbitrary strings, so they may be other account names, users,
> or some application-specific term.
> All operations are done in the context of a user and account. A user
> may not be a member of the account it's acting on since resources
> can specify ACLs, this is especially true for public resources (where
> user is undefined or anonymous).

To be clear, users in swift are entirely a function of the auth
middleware.  Once you get past middleware, swift only has a concept of
accounts, which are designated in the URL.  The middleware decides
whether or not you have access to that account based on info in the
request (or combined with metadata stored in swift, which is how ACLs
are implemented).

The Cloud Files installation, for example, has no concept of multiple
users in an account, because its authentication system doesn't.

-- Mike

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