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Re: OpenStack Compute API for Cactus (critical!)


I havn't seen much activity on this, so though I'd do a quick brain
dump of what I'm aware of:

* Ability to lockout a user for some time period after failed auth.
* Describe zones and regions (replaced with Sandy's zone work).

* Describe instance types (list flavors).
* CRUD users and projects (should not be in nova, should be in common
  auth middleware/server project).
* Associate roles between users and projects (probably belongs in
  common auth project too).

* CRUD key pairs.
* Reference stored key pairs for injection.
* Console output (this is just a dump, not an ajax console).
* Ajax console works differently between ec2 and OS (I think).
* Metadata handler for booting instances. Not needed if we switch to
  only using guest agents or injection.
* Attach and detach volumes.
* Attach and detach floating IP addresses (this is not the same as
  shared IP groups).
* Associate and disassociate with network security groups.
* Connect with VPNs.

* CRUD floating IP addresses.
* CRUD security groups.

* CRUD Volumes.

I'm not sure if image management via new glance and what ec2 provides
is ready yet, or if the semantics of all server actions are the
same. I'll let the reseident experts weigh in there.


On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 02:16:20PM -0600, John Purrier wrote:
>    Has anyone done a gap analysis against the proposed OpenStack Compute API
>    and a) the implemented code, and b) the EC2 API?
>    It looks like we have had a breakdown in process, as the community review
>    process of the proposed spec has not generated discussion of the missing
>    aspects of the proposed spec.
>    Here is what we said on Feb 3 as the goal for Cactus:
>    OpenStack Compute API completed. We need to complete a working set of
>    API's that are consistent and inclusive of all the exposed functionality.
>    We need to *very* quickly identify the missing elements that are required
>    in the OpenStack Compute API, and then discuss how we mobilize to get this
>    work done for Cactus. As this is the #1 priority for this release there
>    are implications on milestones dates depending on the results of this
>    exercise. The 1.1 spec should be complete and expose all current Nova
>    functionality (superset of EC2/RS).
>    Dendrobates, please take the lead on this, anyone who can help please
>    coordinate with Rick. Can we get a fairly complete view by EOD tomorrow?
>    Please set up a wiki page to identify the gaps, I suggest 3 columns
>    (Actual code / EC2 / OpenStack Compute).
>    Thanks,
>    John

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