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Remove the local image service (nova/image/local.py)?


Is anyone using the nova/image/local.py?

This class appears to be a pre-glance image service that could be used with the Openstack API. As we now have glance I'm not sure we really need this anymore.

The class initializes its path to a temp directory:

    def __init__(self):
        self._path = tempfile.mkdtemp()

Maybe we can use this as a proper mock image service (within the tests) and remove it as a top level image service within the code base.

I file a bug on this issue here:


NOTE: This has nothing to do with 'nova-objectstore' or anything on the S3/EC2 side of things as some of the comments mention in the ticket.

Why remove a class that isn't hurting anything? In another bug/ticket I was trying to standardize how the image services provide access to 'kernel_id' and 'ramdisk_id' in a standardized manner. This will help clean up some of the code in the API layers. While doing this I ran across nova/image/local.py which seemed to be rather outdated.


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