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[Nova] Review and bug priorities


At the last meeting we discussed having a recurrent post to the ML to,
in Devin's words, "push priorities in front of eyeballs"...

Here is my first attempt at it, trying to single out a few branches and
bugs that need attention.

PS: IMO this email duplicates already-available information at:


Let me know if you find it useful or not.

We are 10 days to Feature Freeze, so the focus must be on (in descending
order of priority):

1- Writing code and proposing branches on accepted Cactus specs
2- Review already-proposed Cactus feature branches
3- Review already-proposed bugfix branches
4- Fixing reported bugs
5- Testing and report new bugs

4 Cactus feature branch merge proposals needing some extra attention:

Live migration
 Large patch, needs to land early, already has needed approvals

Flat Manager IPv6 support
 Essential to have full IPv6 support in cactus

VMWare/vSphere support
 Large patch

LXC support
 Needs to land early to get some testing

4 complex Cactus bugs that need some love:

nova-compute: can't spawn new instances after restarting RabbitMQ

"python setup.py install" actually does not install a lot stuff...

When a node dies, its instances should be marked !running

nova-compute doesn't notice when a VM crashes

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack

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