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Re: A single cross-zone database?


On Mar 16, 2011, at 2:24 PM, Justin Santa Barbara wrote:

> Can someone explain _why_ we need caching?

	We don't *need* caching - it is simply the most direct way to avoid multiple expensive calls.

> With our approach to pagination, without caching, the answer is always correct: each query always returns the next {limit} values whose ID is >= {start-id}.

	But for this example, you have to traverse *all* the zones in order to get the list of instances for a customer. How else would you define "instances 101-199 of 823 total instances"? How would you know where #101 is?

> I agree that in practice this means that there's no way to guarantee you get all values while they're changing behind the scenes, but this is a shortcoming of pagination, not caching.  Caching doesn't solve this, it just creates thornier edge cases.  The solution here is a more sensible ordering than 'last modified', and I question the value of pagination (other than for compatibility)

	The question is performance in this particular use case. As pvo said, you can accept a certain level of inconsistency as a trade-off for scaling. We would then allow the TTL to be controlled so that different OpenStack deployments can adjust this to their needs.

-- Ed Leafe

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